Headhunters on My Doorstep

Available in paperback June 3rd, 2014

The bestselling author of THE SEX LIVES OF CANNIBALS recounts his latest hilarious misadventures following in the footsteps of an unlikely idol, Robert Louis Stevenson.

Troost’s debut, THE SEX LIVES OF CANNIBALS, an enduring favorite travel narrative about his time as a young man living in the South Seas, charmed readers and critics alike with his wry, laugh-out-loud funny, and candid take on the adventure memoir.

In HEADHUNTERS ON MY DOORSTEP, Troost returns to the South Pacific ten years later, now married to his sweetheart and father of two young boys, having endured a struggle with alcohol that landed him in rehab. This is what happens to authors who title their second book GETTING STONED WITH SAVAGES. Do not trifle with karma, people. Feeling lost and bewildered, he decides to retreat to the islands and retrace the path once traveled by Robert Louis Stevenson, following the author of TREASURE ISLAND to the Marquesas, the Tuamotus, Tahiti, Kiribati, and Samoa, illuminating a world that few of us will see firsthand with historical and literary observations—and his characteristic irreverent and self-deprecating wit.

Somewhere between the bizarre realities of the present-day South Seas and his exploration of the islands as RLS saw them, Troost gradually re-awakens to the beauty of life, managing an honest look at addiction and human nature, without self-pity and without ever losing his sense of humor. HEADHUNTERS ON MY DOORSTEP is a funny yet poignant account of one man’s journey to find himself that will captivate travel-writing aficionados, Robert Louis Stevenson fans, and anyone who has ever lost his way.

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