Reviews for Headhunters on my Doorstep

“Troost’s sly wit permeates the narrative, propelling his saga out of the ranks of many recovery memoirs. The author weaves together entertaining and illuminating pop-culture touchstones, history, and cultural, culinary and literary references with personal experiences while rambling across the South Seas. A rambunctious, intimate trip well worth the armchair time.”–Kirkus, Starred Review

“Troost displays a level of sophistication rarely found in travel writing. His humor is spot on, and one needs humor when reading about the loss of indigenous cultures in the Marquesas, the urban sprawl of Tahiti, and the notion that Kiribati may soon be subsumed by the Pacific Ocean. Acquire this book by any means possible.”–Library Journal, Starred Review

“Like Bill Bryson, Troost deftly combines humor, commentary, and education (an aside about the Marquesas episode of Survivor, sparked by the author’s discovery that he’s standing on a beach that featured in the show, leads smoothly into a look at “old Marquesas” and its odd mixture of wealth and poverty). Troost is a very funny guy, but he also has a lot of serious things to talk about. A splendid travel memoir.”–Booklist, Starred Review

“Troost retraces Robert Louis Stevenson’s route through the South Pacific from the Marquesas to Samoa in this evocative, funny literary memoir… Troost is an excellent travel narrator, clever, bold, and full of captivating visual details.”–Publishers Weekly 

“Troost’s Headhunters on My Doorstep is delightful, hilarious, and filled with wisdom grounded in an engaging sense of humor.”–Bookbrowse

“Troost… unsheathes the same laugh-out-loud wit that marked Cannibals.”–National Geographic Traveler

Other Reviews

“One of Troost’s greatest successes is that he’s not reporting, exactly, not writing as a journalist would, but simply living his life in a faraway place and writing about it.” –The New York Times

“A delightful, self-deprecating, extremely sly account of life in a place so wretched it gives new, terrible meaning to getting away from it all.” –National Geographic Adventure

“Lauded as the new generation’s answer to Bill Bryson.” – Bookpage

“It’s a pleasure to travel with him.” – Chicago Tribune

“Troost has a command of place and narrative that puts him in the company of some of today’s best travel writers.” – Elle

“Troost is a funny, candid, and down-to-Earth travel companion.” Entertainment Weekly

“Troost is a sharp, funny writer, richly evoking the strange, day-by-day wonder that became his life in the islands… A comic masterwork of travel writing.” – Publishers Weekly

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