troostJ. Maarten Troost  has been Lost on Planet China, caught Getting Stoned with Savages and adrift in sea of The Sex Lives of Cannibals. Although he isn’t presently floating on a raft off a remote island in the South Pacific, it took some sleuthing to find him. When we did track him down, he was nice enough to respond to some of our questions.

1) Do you prefer aisle or window? (Please explain.)

Window, which is kind of odd because flying is essentially one long cardiac event for me. I do not like to fly. It is what it is and I try to live with it. But whenever I find myself looking down upon Afghanistan or Iran or the Kamchatka Peninsula I find that I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, unless there’s turbulence, in which case I whimper and sway as I try to find my special place.

2) According to your bio, you were born in The Netherlands to a Dutch father and a Czech mother, lived in Canada during your youth, and then moved to the United States. What do you identify as? Does this ever change depending on circumstances?

Yes, I suppose my sense of nationality is still malleable. Whenever I encounter Dutch backpackers I settle very easily into the rhythms of the cheese-eaters. Ditto the Canadians. And the Americans, of course. And I feel a certain fraternity with the Aussies and Kiwis too, probably because of my time in the South Pacific. But applying for American citizenship is very high on my list of things to do. I shall get around to it very soon, possibly this week.

Read the full interview here.

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